What is the KL? 

The Karman Line is the invisible line 100km above the earth’s surface that marks the distinction between what we call the earth’s sky and outer space. At this altitude, the changes in the atmosphere means traditional aircrafts cannot effectively fly beyond that line. And so, the rocket was born. 

We love how this presents a perfect metaphor for how we operate and believe there is a great lesson for us in business and in life. 

It’s easy to think we have reached the limits of sky, our potential, when really, there’s a whole universe of potential out there. But technical or business brilliance can’t do that alone. And just like that aircraft, what worked until now, may not be the same as what’s required to break through the Kármán Line.

Sometimes, we are required to think differently or do differently to break through. Sometimes it’s the tweaks in the way in which we interact and communicate with others. 

And so KLC was born. We never want the way we communicate to limit our clients’ success. Our purpose is to help brilliant minds break through their Kármán Line – by helping them communicate clearly, confidently and with purpose, on purpose.  

And when we do, the sky is not our limit, the sky is just the start. 

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