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I find that the biggest barrier to your own true success is your specialised knowledge. Often, high-level experts like yourself will:

⛔️ Overcomplicate the content due to lack of clarity in your vision & key messages

⛔️ Lack the confidence to express your ideas, or

⛔️ Get your message out there… but people still don’t buy in!

Vision To Voice


Before you beat yourself up, recognise that this is totally normal –
it’s tricky to master everything, especially in a specialised industry that is as
taxing and time-consuming as yours.

So, what can you do?

Join the online Vision to Voice program
that’s designed to turn communication stagnation into
communication strength.

Vision to Voice follows our signature six-part process, and is packed with resources to help you clarify your message, communicate with confidence in a way that inspires support and action. 



Vision to Voice program

My comprehensive communication course


From CEOs to technical experts, entrepreneurs to high-profile individuals, our signature approach has been used as an effective antidote to communication stagnation for thousands of clients – just like you.

 The program follows our six-part process to help find clarity around your message, nail your "presence" and build greater influence, support and action.

With 20+ years or research, experience and stories all condensed into one place, you will have exclusive access to immediately applicable techniques to help you communciate as brilliantly as you are technically.

The Results Speak for Themselves…

Leesa has a unique talent at being able to extract and polish your idea so that it shines in a way that is true to you. Even just an hour with her is a priceless experience.

Sunita Gloster, Managing Director, Gloster Advisory

Kármán Line provides high quality professional consulting advice which adds significant value to individuals skillset enhancement.

Mark Tait, Head of Development, Investa Property Group

Leesa has empowered me with multiple skills that I will use on an almost daily basis - non-verbal communication, use of speech, considering my audience, the list goes on.

Aidan Kerr, Head of Equities, JBWere

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